EMF’s are being used as a corporate weapon against humanity
“But then we do things for profit,not for life neccesity”  Professor Olle Johansson   EMF’s are on the rise,are you affected ? [...]
Cities across the plane make moves to ban 5G
5G IS BANNED IN BELGIUM Several cities in California ban 5G as well,due to the damage it causes to ones health Nevada City, California becomes the first [...]
Glyphosate is a poison,are you awake yet?
Glyphosate is a poison. It is time for people to wake up.     Glyphosate.. the herbicide,main [...]
Danger: EMFS from cellphones and WI-FI worse than we thought
  EMF Warfare   “IEEEs account of the scientific literature relating exposure to RF EMFs to chronic diseases such as cancer is seriously [...]
Industrial toxic waste floods water supply of Americans’
 Is the State knowingly poisoning the water supply of Americans’ with Hydrofluosilicic Acid AKA ‘Fluoride’?   Paul Connett, PhD, [...]
Politicians help Monsanto poison the American people !
WAKE UP AMERICA ! Monsanto..The same people,“CHEMICAL COMPANY” who brought you Agent Orange, DDT, PCBS,     Why is a chemical company [...]
EMF exposure from cell phones & WIFI are killing us softly!
EMF EXPOSURE IS KILLING US SOFTLY ! The World Health Organization has classified EMF waves as being carcinogenic.          Basically?If you reevaluate our [...]
You are eating shit, literally,Aspartame is Fecal Matter !
  Aspartame is one of the most deadliest poisons,guised as nothing but a harmless artificial sweetener can be found in everything from candy, [...]
GWEN Towers,Wi-Fi, and Frequency Manipulation for Mind Control !
GWEN Towers:  Ground Wave Emergency Network Quote by el schism, “Apparently these are militarized communication antenna/towers …with hundreds [...]
Sodium Hexametaphosphate causes kidney damage,so..why is it in Our Food?
Why is this ingredient in my kids pancake syrup and fruit punch,among many other foods that I won’t  bother taking the time to drag out each and [...]