Danger: EMFS from cellphones and WI-FI worse than we thought

  EMF Warfare   “IEEEs account of the scientific literature relating exposure to RF EMFs to chronic diseases such as cancer is seriously flawed. It lacks the precautionary strategy typically applied in the assessment of environmental and occupational hazards as

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GWEN Towers,Wi-Fi, and Frequency Manipulation for Mind Control !

GWEN Towers:  Ground Wave Emergency Network Quote by el schism, “Apparently these are militarized communication antenna/towers …with hundreds that have seemingly just popped up across the U.S. in the past few decades; and they say they’re there to help prevent

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Proven..Microwaves are detrimental to your food…

Is Microwave Radiation KILLING US SOFTLY ? http://naturalsociety.com/the-dangerous-truth-behind-microwaves/  http://starseedbobs.blogspot.com/2012/04/microwave-oven-dangers-population.html                         http://www.buergerwelle.de/en/news/buergerwelle_news.html?rel=stories/7305/ LONG-TERM EXPOSURE TO MICROWAVE RADIATION PROVOKES CANCER GROWTH: EVIDENCES FROM RADARS AND MOBILE COMMUNICATION SYSTEMS : MICROWAVES AND

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