GWEN Towers,Wi-Fi, and Frequency Manipulation for Mind Control !

GWEN Towers:  Ground Wave Emergency Network Quote by el schism, “Apparently these are militarized communication antenna/towers …with hundreds that have seemingly just popped up across the U.S. in the past few decades; and they say they’re there to help prevent

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McDonalds Promoter for Cancer Causing Foods !

ACRYLAMIDE ! Funny how the individuals of our society that are classified as Normal know nothing regarding the poisoning of our food supply by use of Fluoride,GMOS,herbicides,pesticides,additives,preservatives,artificial colorings,etc,etc.But most could tell you almost any fact regarding the latest sports or entertainment

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Sodium Hexametaphosphate causes kidney damage,so..why is it in Our Food?

Why is this ingredient in my kids pancake syrup and fruit punch,among many other foods that I won’t  bother taking the time to drag out each and every one right now,also with my incessant disdain regarding this subject ..but…nevertheless.I sit back

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