Aspartame Is Poop @ is one of the most deadliest poisons,guised as nothing but a harmless artificial sweetener can be found in everything from candy, gum,soda,juices,etc.But what most don’t know…is that Aspartame is the fecal matter of the ecoli bacteria.So,…next time… when your going and your getting your aspartame on and you think you’re ¬†cutting back on the use of sugar and Calories in your diet?I want you to remember this truth….

that your eating the fecal matter of ecoli…..Ecoliiiiiii shitttttt!

Aspartame Is Fecal Matter @ Toxicnow (2).jpgWAKE UP !

And just a lil history on it….well…..we all remember George W.Bush,the flunky he had as Secretary of State…yea…that good old boy Donald Rumsfield?YEA..he was¬†the scumbag behind Aspartame and getting it approved.. it all happened back in the early 80’s when he was CEO of the chemical company Searly.Then in 1985 the company was sold to..wait you guessed it..the most evil corporation on earth, Good old Monsanto.Then in 2000 they sold the NutraSweet division to J.W Childs…Blah blah blah..blah blah blah…basically?

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You’re eating Shit !


Aspartame Is Poop @ ToxicNow (1).jpg

You are eating shit, literally,Aspartame is Fecal Matter !

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