Rat & Human DNA found in burger !

Human DNA & Rat DNA found in hamburger meat ! I don’t know what to say to this..this is just not right.but what is right anymore?I don;t have much of anything to say over this..this is just what it is…it is what it is. HARD CORE SOURCES https://www.clearlabs.com/reports/the-hamburger-report http://fortune.com/2016/05/10/burger-market-analysis-rat-human-dna/ Independent.co.uk ScienceAlert.com ClearLabs.com Vox.com RT.com FoodForensics.com […]

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Chemtrails, HAARP and Electromagnetic WeapoNS FOR MIND CONTROL

The continuous injection of carbonaceous and metallic aerosols into the troposphere has had the permanent effect of increasing the conductivity of the atmosphere for various covert outcomes.     Source: Seven Agendas of Chemtrails, HAARP and Electromagnetic Weapons http://www.aircrap.org/haarp-elana-freeland/ https://chemtrailsplanet.net/2014/06/22/chemtrails-increasingly-pollute-air-water-and-land-with-metallic-salts/

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