• BPA is  synthetic estrogen

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In 1997 and 1998, Fred vom Saal (right) and his research team published two studies, which investigated the effects of low-dose (below 50 micrograms/kilogram) BPA on mice and found changes in male reproductive organs, as well as, increased prostate weights. A large controversy stirred due to vom Saal’s findings; the Society of the Plastics Industry Bisphenol A Task Group and European Chemical Industry Council (CEFIC) responded. Two studies were performed to replicate his findings and neither found negative effects of low-dose BPA use. However, both studies were sponsored by the CEFIC, and BPA producers actually performed one of the studies.

Fred Vom Saal Exposes BPA Dangers to Reproductive Organs @ ToxicNow.pnghttp://enhs.umn.edu/current/2008studentwebsites/pubh6101/bpa/history.html

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So,basically the studies that were done by Fred Vom Saal and his team did prove that BPA can,at low doses,cause changes with the male reproductive organs of mice along with increased prostate weights.Nevertheless,when that truth did come out to the people,almost immediately the chemical industry “CEFIC”-The European Chemical Industry Council,responded with their own studies in an attempt to replicate,or should I say,manipulate the results of Vom Saal’s research.Oh,they responded alright,they concluded that neither study had found any negative effects from the low doses of BPA. How legitimate can a study be when it’s funded and backed by the same people who are making billions off of it annually?The CDC,FDA,EPA,NIH,etc,all of the agencies in the world are regulated by the corporations.That’s our reality,and most people could care less that they’re being exposed to these poisons.

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Bisphenol  A   aka “BPA” – is a carbon-based synthetic compound originally made to mimic the hormone estrogen.Being a phenol derivitave,basically,it’s an endocrine disrupting chemical that’s intentionally added to many commercial products like food containers or cosmetic and hygiene products,the list goes on and on.BPA can also be found in the lining of canned foods or drinks,even in plastic containers as well.But since the 1950’s BPA has been used by chemical industries to make polycarbonate plastics and epoxy resins.

  •  BPA was first developed in the 1891 as a synthetic estrogen, synthesized by Alexander Dianin,a Russian chemist.

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  • BPA can be found in the plastic used to make DVD’s & CD’s


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  • Most importantly,BPA can be found in thermal receipt paper used by almost everyone in the world.The reason I put great emphasis on this one is because people get the majority of BPA exposure by the handling of receipts.


“It appears that BPS and BPA are equally problematic” in terms of toxicity, says Kurunthachalam Kannan, a research scientist at the New York State Department of Health in Albany and senior author of three recent BPS studies.

Dr. Kurunthachalam Kannan Exposes BPA Dangers @ ToxicNow.jpghttps://ehp.niehs.nih.gov/121-a76



In 2007,the truth regarding the dangers of bisphenol A were manipulated by a group of carefully chosen researchers at a corporate funded meeting in Chapel Hill,organized by the NIEHS with the work of their own paid researchers,they continue to claim that low doses of the chemical BPA,is safe at low doses.But can people truly take the word of  corporate backed researching guised as being truth?Propoganda pushed of by billion dollar corporations to keep the vicious circle of lies alive and pumping into the mainstream controlled media is sickening to almost anyone who’s got an ounce critical thinking left.

Below is a link to an article which should enlighten you at least alil,regardless of the conflicting half truths in it, that try & discredit the reality of how dangerous endocrine disrupting chemicals can be,whether they be BPA,BPS,BPF,Phathalates,and so fourth.


 Evidence Supporting This Chemical as an Endocrine Disruptor

  • Ho SM, Tang WY, De Frausto JB, Prins GS. 2006. Developmental exposure to estradiol and bisphenol A increases susceptibility to prostate carcinogenesis and epigenetically regulates phosphodiesterase type 4 variant 4. Cancer Res 66(11):5624-5632.
  • Kassotis CD, Klemp KC, Vu DC, Lin CH, Meng CX, Besch-Williford CL, Pinatti L, Zoeller RT, Drobnis EZ, Balise VD, et al. 2015 in press. Endocrine-disrupting activity of hydraulic fracturing chemicals and adverse health outcomes after prenatal exposure in male mice. Endocrinology:en20151375; DOI: 10.1210/en.2015-1375.
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  • Timms BG, Howdeshell KL, Barton L, Bradley S, Richter CA, vom Saal FS. 2005. Estrogenic chemicals in plastic and oral contraceptives disrupt development of the fetal mouse prostate and urethra. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences USA 102(19):7014-7019
  • Wadia PR, Vandenberg LN, Schaeberle CM, Rubin BS, Sonnenschein C, Soto AM. 2007. Perinatal bisphenol A exposure increases estrogen sensitivity of the mammary gland in diverse mouse strains. Environ Health Perspect 115(4):592-598.


  • Phenol Derivatives Market worth 19.78 Billion USD by 2026,keep in mind,that BPA ,Bisphenol A is the most widely used derivative from phenol.


Now,with the above mentioned article,take a moment..and ask yourself this,

Would 19+ Billion a year justify ones’ own reasoning in sabotaging and manipulating the masses,by controlling the media,with use of disinformation and propoganda?

Beware of BPA: Thermal receipts are damaging your health

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