Dangerous effects from using (CFL’s) – compact fluorescent lamps

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  •        What happened to the old incandescent bulbsIncandescent bulbs phased out through corporate-government corruption @ toxicnow.com)

Oh yea !

Our government had phased it out for nothing less than our own benefit…right ?

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The Energy Independence and Security Act of 2007 (the “Energy Bill”) “EISA”, signed by President George W. Bush on December 18, 2007 

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How some light can disrupt circadian rhythm

  • Fluorescent, CFL and normal LED light bulbs emit a spectrum of light with a high concentration of blue wavelengths, which tells the brain to wake up. Similarly, computer and electronic device screens also emit concentrated blue wavelength light.

  • When exposure to blue-enriched light occurs just prior to bedtime, it can wake you up and may disrupt your sleep cycle. Other rhythms can also be affected by the change in light, including cognition, metabolism, and mood.

Dangerous effects when using (CFL’s)- Compact fluorescent lamps, LED’s,

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