Fear,propaganda,and the TV zombies of America

July 24, 2020 - EMF'S, Frequencies, poison, Vaccines
Fear,propaganda,and the TV zombies of America
Wake up !

Fluoride Is A Insecticide @

is everyone jacked on fluoride..?

Consumed By Your Television @ ToxicNow

Open your mind,

think for yourself,


Sarcastic Fluoride Cartoon @ ToxicNow.COM

question everything


In order to rise up against this medical/police state…

we must face this tyrannical government and take back our rights by speaking truth !


Those same rights have been taken from you …

by THEM !

…in the name of health & safety,

Depopulation Microsoft @

Our minds are being manipulated by the use of frequencies thru tv,WiFi,etc.


it is time to take back the power.

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