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Poisoning the Masses w/ Fluoride,Vaccinations,Chemtrails,GMOS,EMFS & more

Glyphosate is a poison,are you awake yet?

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Glyphosate is a poison. It is time for people to wake up.



Masked Man  Douses Farm With Dangerous Chemicals @

Glyphosate.. the herbicide,main ingredient in Monsanto’s ‘Round Up Weedkiller’ which, apparently has been the cause of

Cancer,leukemia,myeloma,infertility,kidney damage,endocrine disruption,sperm damage,autism,birth defects,DNA damage

GMO,professional in uniform goggles,mask and gloves examining co
GMO,professional in uniform goggles,mask and gloves examining corn cob on field

That only happens to those who are exposed to it over a certain period of time…right????

…But when it’s sprayed on our food,it’s magically safe…..right?????

                                                                                                                                                                         I imagine that Monsanto “the agrochemical company” that sprays almost all of our food with this stuff,I guess it’s just ridiculous for us the people to think that somehow these issues are not true,regardless of the legal system in which an estimated 11,000 plaintiffs are currently tied up in the courts with lawsuits against Monsanto where they are being sued for allegations of cancer being caused by their product Round Up Weed killer.Round-Up Ready WeedKiller For Your Food @







Monsantos Poisons @

  • By who again…?? Oh yea, that’s right…good old Monsanto,the chemical company who brought us



Image result for ddt poison images


Image result for ddt poison images
Images courtesy of Jim West @

Agent Orange,

Image courtesy of: Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. May 2, 2005. Credit: Paula Bronstein/Getty Images


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Monsantos PCBS Killing Population @

Image result for pcbs dangers from monsanto images of what pcb's look like

Image result for what do polychlorinated biphenyls look like

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Bovine Growth Hormone,

Image result for monsanto bovine growth hormone

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Image result for monsanto bovine growth hormone

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Image result for what is monsanto's styrene
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Is there a connection between Celiac Disease & Glyphosate ?

Glyphosate and  Celiac Disease Graph @


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The lawsuits have already begun,just the latest was an $81 million dollar to Edwin Hardeman of San Francisco where Monsanto was liable for his non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma.


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Wake up !

Silence is consent,Speak up !

If you don’t stand up for your rights,

then…well,…… you have no rights,

take back your power

Spread knowledge,

Be aware!





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