Funny how the individuals of our society that are classified as Normal know nothing regarding the poisoning of our food supply by use of Fluoride,GMOS,herbicides,pesticides,additives,preservatives,artificial colorings,etc,etc.But most could tell you almost any fact regarding the latest sports or entertainment .Anyhow,I’ve learned these past few years that no one really cares or it’s starting to seem as though no one is even capable of caring.As it would seem to most of the sheeple,I mean people,those that I took time to try and atleast enlighten with pieces of truth here and there,they just look at me like I’m crazy.Some days it’s just so dam baffling to me,but..from my own perspective..most people do not want to awaken outta this matrix.They want to stay asleep,ignorant and close-minded,awoke to nothing but their own blissful state of “Freedom”.That luxurious freedom of being under constant surveillance 24/7 for “Their own safety”.Blinded to the fact that they’re being subjected to poisoned food,air,water,and most of all their biology/frequency constantly being manipulated & tampered with.Unsure of what I’m talking about on that last note,why don’t you do your own research,please…debunk anything I post…I implore you.Research EMF,HAARP,Gwen Towers,SmartMeters,and tell me that those things don’t exist and that they’re fake news or conspiracy theory..HA ! It’s absolutely impossible.

Acrylamide Poison @ ToxicNow (2).jpg

What is it exactly?

McDonalds,one of the many corporations poisoning the masses.Well,from my experience…..I’m really a little vague on this Acrylamide…I’m not gonna pump fake like I know what I’m talking about,so I’ll just wait until I do further research.But basically,it’s a chemical that’s released by the way certain foods are cooked,basically Acrylamide forms when amino acids like asparagine,mix with sugars at high temperatures of cooking,as in baking,roasting,but mostly fried foods.Funny how McDonald’s has cancer warnings on their drive thru windows in California,thanks to Proposition 65 ,but the rest of America is either unaware or just plain ignorant to this knowledge.This fact disgusts me,anyhow.. for further info on this acrylamide..below I left a few links.





McDonalds Promoter for Cancer Causing Foods !

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