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Kill your T.V.
              WAKE UP !   Your T.V. ?  YES,your precious television is changing your brain frequency !   T.V. KILLS ! 
Danger: EMFS from cellphones and WI-FI worse than we thought
  EMF Warfare   “IEEEs account of the scientific literature relating exposure to RF EMFs to chronic diseases such as cancer is seriously [...]
Stratospheric Aerosol Injection,poisoning humanity while people take selfies
Chemtrails are slowly killing us. What are Chemtrails ? Stratospheric Aerosol Injection= aka CHEMTRAILS  Solar Radiation Management= aka CHEMTRAILS [...]
Industrial toxic waste floods water supply of Americans’
 Is the State knowingly poisoning the water supply of Americans’ with Hydrofluosilicic Acid AKA ‘Fluoride’?   Paul Connett, PhD, [...]
New aged Spider-man promotes transgenderism for kids
Transgenderism Promoted on YouTube You got kids? Well, just wait until you see this, Below I’ve compiled a few YouTube videos into one,basically in [...]
Corrupt doctor at CHOP makes millions off vaccine patents
Doctor Paul Offit makes millions off of poisoning the population to promote his vaccine patents. Paul Offit is guilty of fraud,racketeering,genocide,and [...]
Beware of BPA: Thermal receipts are damaging your health
BPA is  synthetic estrogen In 1997 and 1998, Fred vom Saal (right) and his research team published two studies, which investigated the effects of low-dose [...]
Politicians help Monsanto poison the American people !
WAKE UP AMERICA ! Monsanto..The same people,“CHEMICAL COMPANY” who brought you Agent Orange, DDT, PCBS,     Why is a chemical company [...]
EMF exposure from cell phones & WIFI are killing us softly!
EMF EXPOSURE IS KILLING US SOFTLY ! The World Health Organization has classified EMF waves as being carcinogenic.          Basically?If you reevaluate our [...]
You are eating shit, literally,Aspartame is Fecal Matter !
  Aspartame is one of the most deadliest poisons,guised as nothing but a harmless artificial sweetener can be found in everything from candy, [...]