Stratospheric Aerosol Injection,poisoning humanity while people take selfies

Fake leader Obama takes selfies while world falls apart

Fake ass leader of America takes selfie as the populace is slowly poisoned by Chemtrails,GMOS,Vaccines,Fluoride,and EMF Waves through 5G GWEN Towers

Chemtrails are slowly killing us.

  1. What are Chemtrails ?
  • Stratospheric Aerosol Injection= aka CHEMTRAILS 
  • Solar Radiation Management= aka CHEMTRAILS
  • Geoengineering=AKA’= aka CHEMTRAILS

Time for all the people of  America and those across this plane to WAKE UP!


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  1. Lissa says:

    Thank you. I use to film chemtrails and towers, and run a website exposing all of that of what goes with hit. After flyovers, I now suffer from morgellons. There are ways to combat it. One is to stay away from all GMOs, breads, grains, and wheat, anything made with yeast and processed food, even bakeries, and only use non-GMO diary and even then one has to read the ingredents. Even organics, and fresh veggies and fruits are laced with nano. Peppermint and tea tree, and neem oils work in the shower. Allow to seep into the pours. And African black soap for eczema. Raw Ginger is good with pure unrefined honey and coconut oils. You have to be persistant and consider living off the electric grid, and away from towns and cities. So many people are suffering with this seeming Wetiko like virus. Its synthetic nanotech in all of us, and the nueral netting of humanity. So darn sadly.

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