5G prison:Complete digital slavery for the masses

This will not stop. SMART GRID HERE WE COME ! They will not stop advancing forward until a complete digital slavery for the masses is built. Using their best tool, their propaganda machine, “ the media “…only to program the populace,that we need fluoride in all of our food,and fluoride dumped in our water supply […]

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EMF’s are being used as a corporate weapon against humanity

“But then we do things for profit,not for life neccesity”  Professor Olle Johansson   EMF’s are on the rise,are you affected ?   Electrosensitivity: “Is there a correlation between aluminum,glyphosate & auto immune disorders” El Schism   In the below video,Dr. Zach Bush clarifies, “If you overlap the glyphosate maps,with the EMF maps,you will see […]

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EMF exposure from cell phones & WIFI are killing us softly!

EMF EXPOSURE IS KILLING US SOFTLY ! The World Health Organization has classified EMF waves as being carcinogenic.          Basically?If you reevaluate our last 100 years all the way back to the beginning when propaganda first hit the market, 3 different chemicals “Nicotine,DDT,& Asbestos”which ruled the market for a minimum of a […]

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