Glyphosate is a poison,are you awake yet?

Glyphosate is a poison. It is time for people to wake up.     Glyphosate.. the herbicide,main ingredient in Monsanto’s ‘Round Up Weedkiller’ which, apparently has been the cause of Cancer,leukemia,myeloma,infertility,kidney damage,endocrine disruption,sperm damage,autism,birth defects,DNA damage That only happens to those who are exposed to it over a certain period of time…right???? …But when it’s […]

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Politicians help Monsanto poison the American people !

WAKE UP AMERICA ! Monsanto..The same people,“CHEMICAL COMPANY” who brought you Agent Orange, DDT, PCBS,     Why is a chemical company controlling our food ? Why don’t we,as a people,do something about this corruption regarding the”Chemical Company” Monsanto who bribes our own government to amend the laws to their favor to keep us […]

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