Politicians help Monsanto poison the American people !

WAKE UP AMERICA ! Monsanto..The same people,“CHEMICAL COMPANY”¬†who brought you Agent Orange, DDT, PCBS,     Why is a chemical company controlling our food ? http://www.gmoseralini.org/wp-content/uploads/2012/11/seralini.new_.an_.2007.pdf http://nwrage.org/content/monsanto-fined-15-million-bribing-over-140-indonesian-officials http://reset.me/story/mit-scientist-uncovers-link-between-glyphosate-gmos-and-the-autism-epidemic/ Why don’t we,as a people,do something about this corruption regarding the”Chemical Company” Monsanto¬†who bribes our own government to amend the laws to their favor to keep us […]

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