Glyphosate is a poison,are you awake yet?

Glyphosate is a poison. It is time for people to wake up.     Glyphosate..┬áthe herbicide,main ingredient in Monsanto’s ‘Round Up Weedkiller’ which, apparently has been the cause of Cancer,leukemia,myeloma,infertility,kidney damage,endocrine disruption,sperm damage,autism,birth defects,DNA damage That only happens to those who are exposed to it over a certain period of time…right???? …But when it’s […]

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Why is there a pesticide in my toothpaste and soap ?

Attention: Please click on red text for more raw uncut truth. Earlier this month the private corporation..the FDA, also known as the Food and Death Administration or Fear and Death Administration finally threw us a bone and banned the chemical triclosan from being in soap.Well,that’s just wonderful, do we get it out of everything else […]

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