Thousands of NYC Teachers stand up against being forcibly innoculated by this tyrannical medical dictatorship we now call our government

Will this protest be enough to start making some real waves across the realm…? to wake up the obedient zombie followers, “the sheeple “… those in which the globalists have under their spell… those programmed and hypnotized…indoctrinated by,the media propaganda

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Bill Gates pushing for 7 billion mandatory experimental RNA injections that re-program human cells — The Truthseeker

Cells programmed to produce coronavirus spike proteins Lance D. Johnson – Natural News July 23, 2020 Operation Warp Speed is underway in the United States as the federal government moves forward with approximately $2 billion in contracts with pharmaceutical and

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Corrupt doctor at CHOP makes millions off vaccine patents

Doctor Paul Offit makes millions off of poisoning the population to promote his vaccine patents. Paul Offit is guilty of fraud,racketeering,genocide,and murder from poisoning the population and profiting off of it. Vaccines are damaging the immune systems of our children

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