Will this protest be enough to start making some real waves across the realm…?
to wake up the obedient zombie followers, “the sheeple “… those in which the globalists have under their spell…
those programmed and hypnotized…indoctrinated by,the media propaganda ….I bet the constant bombardment of poisoning by fluoride of our water & food,glyphosate,aluminumn in the air we breath,via chemtrails, the 5G Death towers,Frying our children in schools,while other countries in world have banned the use of WIFI technology to be used around children.
My point is….
I believe its time for us all to start making some waves.

Silence is compliance.
Be a voice,
Speak up and fight for your rights!

Thousands of NYC Teachers stand up against being forcibly innoculated by this tyrannical medical dictatorship we now call our government

el schism


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