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Earlier this month the private corporation..the FDA, also known as the Food and Death Administration or Fear and Death Administration finally threw us a bone and banned the chemical triclosan from being in soap.Well,that’s just wonderful,now..how do we get it out of everything else along with the many more toxic chemicals we’re exposed to daily,the artificial preservatives in our food which is also in our cosmetics not even counting the genetically modified ingredients/drenched with more chemicals & pesticides.When half our country is so oblivious to the nationwide poisoning which has been killing us for decades now.They say “No,they’re not chemtrails dumb ass,they’re contrails”.I am so disgusted anymore I can’t even think how I actually used to think I lived in the greatest country in the world.Now..with what I know now from the research I’ve done proving to myself that GMO’s Fluoride,Vaccines and Chemtrails are real and are doing massive damage to our biology and frequency as individuals.How to get there attention when half of em’ are too wrapped up in their own insignificant illusions which have been embedded by digitalized gangstalking,subconsciously molded into controlling their lives through the use of entertainment & sports.Oh,and another election?Ha! everywhere they’re being bombarded by a circus play ,”Did you hear about Hilary’s emails?”,or “Did you hear what Trump said?”.Do people really believe this country won’t collapse,or put it like this,is their ignorance that deep?Anyhow,I’m losing focus to this article,this is about triclosan and how much we’re really around it..unknowingly huh?Ignorance is bliss huh?



With…….Cosmetic Pesticides ?

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At the below link you can find which of you cosmetics or cleaning products contain the poison,i mean pesticide ….

* U.S. Department database info…etc..etc….HERE..  *

And what is that chemical ?
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Triclosan is the generic name for a pesticide which has been said to have originally developed  by the chemical company known as Ciba out of Basel, Switzerland in the late 60’s.

2,4,4’-trichloro-2’-hydroxydiphenyl ether 

also referred to as

 5-Chloro-2-(2,4-dichlorophenoxy)phenol .

Triclosan is again marketed under the trade name Microban® when used in plastics and clothing,also as Biofresh®,and when used in acrylic fibers.

As an endocrine disruptor,Triclosan affects estrogen, androgen, and thyroid hormonal systems.

For much more info,please visit or download….

More on ” THE PESTICIDE ” Triclosan HERE !


Again …Here…


More links below:


For all you skeptics who still doubt the information pertaining to whether or not triclosan is a pesticide or not,

Download and scrutinize the above PDF documents,and here’s one more:

Actual EPA Documents…HERE !

And yes,triclosan is indeed a pesticide,just in case you still have any doubts from being constantly bombarded by fake news all across the world.

Why is there a pesticide in my toothpaste and soap ?

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